A 52 hertz love


 A 52 hertz love. By Carlo De Amicis

Javier was happy: they had finally approved his research project on Whalien 52.

After her divorce, his life did’nt  have many cause for joy. But this satisfaction compensated for all the sad moments he had experienced, and by a large amount.

Although he had many friends and people who loved him, Javier had always felt quite alone: this appens by people who, like him, have a highly developed sensitivity. When they contemplate a sunrise or listen to a Beethoven symphony, they have experiences close to ecstasy. They feel that they are sensations different from those of most people: experiences that others do not understand.

Whalien 52, the 52 hertz whale, had always fascinated him. The fact that it is a unique whale, singing at an unusual frequency of 52 hertz (a much higher frequency than other whale species) causes many to refer to it as «the loneliest whale in the world».

«You and I look alike, Whalien 52 – Javier thought – so different from the others, so alone».
He had spent a lot of time researching her. His identification with her was so profound that he had «52 hz» tattooed on her left buttock.

Javier wanted to know what Whalien 52’s reaction would be if he finally heard a response to her singing.

«What would happen-she wondered-if she found out she wasn’t the only one singing at 52 hertz?»

Javier lowered the lifeboat and asked the captain of the whaler to move away a little.
He knew She was close.

He began to sing that song unique in the world, which he had studied thoroughly and which he had spent so much time and effort to imitate. He repeated it over and over before she answered him. The two seemed to be making a duet and a deep bond was established between them.
Whalien 52 seemed to dance on the waves of the sea and Javier was able to perceive what She felt, what She thought, what She wanted.

She somehow spoke to him:
«You are beautiful, Javier, – She said- very beautiful. I want to tell you my secret. I am not a lone whale, but a free whale. If I wanted, I could sing like other whales. But, that’s how I like to sing: my way.»

«You’re saying – Javier said – that you’d rather be alone than sing like the others»

«I’m saying that I love my whale sisters and that I love their singing. But I’m just happy to sing like this, I came to this world for this and in this song I have my life»

«I love you» he said «I love you very much»

«I love you,» Ella replied, «you know I love you»

When the ship’s captain saw something resembling a bolt of lightning leave the boat and head towards the sky, he went over to see what had happened.
Javier wasn’t there, there was only the notebook where he had written down everything that had happened.

The captain believes that lightning knocked him overboard.

The only thing I know is that since that day no one has seen Javier or Whalien 52.

The next day a radio telescope discovered a new star, a star that sang at 52 hertz.

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