A world of peace’s gonna come 🇬🇧

Where have you been my green eyed boy?
where have you been on your long journey?
I walked through seven snow-capped peaks
I walk paths covered with flowers,
I’ve ridden and walked the path of smiles.
I’ve been where the pain ends
and forgiveness lives.
And a world of peace’s gonna come.

What did you see my green eyed boy?
What did you see on your long journey?
I saw a rainbow after the storm,
Rebuilding a city ravaged by fire
I’ve seen heroin addicts give up drugs
Soldiers deserting a war
Flowers grewing in landfills
And a world of peace’s gonna come.

And what did you hear my green eyed boy?
What did you hear during your long journey?
I heard a mother sing to her son
I heard birds singing in the branches
I heard a river flowing towards the sea
I heard a guitar playing for peace
I felt the caresses of two lovers.
And a world of peace’s gonna come.

What are you going to do my green eyed boy
What do you plan to do after your trip?
I will continue on my way, without fear
I will embrace my life even if it hurts
With bare feet I will walk among stones and thorns
freeing myself from all kinds of ballast
I will extend my hand to the wounded people
accepting the help someone offers me
I will give my tears to the rain and the rivers
I will forget the grudge among the olive branches
And I will discover love in the rising sun
And a world of authentic peace’s gonna come.

Carlo De Amicis

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