Beeing a «my way» Psychologist: a metalogue 🇮🇸 (Eng)

Beeing a «my way» Psychologist: a metalogue

«What kind of psychologist are you Carlo?» – asked me some years ago a therapist I had just known.

«I am a Sinatrian psychologist» – I replied.

«Sinatrian psychologist?» I heard that there are psychologists that are Rogersian, Gestaltist, Psychoanalyst, Behaviorist, Bioenergetic … but Sinatrian …. What is it about?

«It’s like Frank Sinatra, I do a my way psychology. I think it’s not unwise to get caught up in a psychological current and not get out of it. – I replied – It is dangerous to fall excessively in love with an idea, a theory, a current of thought «.

«I’m very interested in what you say, Carlo.»

«Ideas, theories, scientific models – I continued – are just a map that guides us. As long as this card is useful, we use it.

Am I in Andalusia? I use the Andalusia map, but if I travel to Catalonia, I will take another map: no matter how much I love Andalusia and its map. Do not you think?

«What you want to tell me – she asked me – is that in the area of psychological intervention we have to be flexible and understand when a psychological theory is really useful in helping a particular patient and when , due to the circumstances of this specific patient and his problem, is it more prudent to disassociate, even momentarily, from her in order to use another who can better help her? «

«Yes, I believe that,» I replied.

«You know Carlo, I just discovered that me too I’m a Sinatrian therapist. – she replied laughing – I think this is the best option. One day, we could organize a seminar together.

«One day, of course, dear friend, of course.»


Carlo De Amicis

Psychologist in Malaga

644363464 (WhatsApp 654365734).

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