Me first! 🇬🇧 (Eng)

Me first

Me first: if you have traveled by plane you will surely have noticed what the auxiliaries explain about how you have to act in the event that during the flight the oxygen masks lower.

Me first

«I love myself»

They tell you to put on the mask first before helping others. Do they ask you to be selfish and to value your life more than those of your beloved children? Nothing of that.

The reality is that if you put the masks them before it would be a serious mistake that could end in the death of both the father and mother and their children due to hypoxia: if the parents lose consciousness, due to lack of oxygen, they can’t save their children neither themselves.

In a similar way the instructions received by the health personnel who attend an accident are »After making the approach to the accident, keeping the convenient safety distance and proper placement of the vehicle, the medical team must…«, of course, the Health Personnel hit by a car that arrives would be of little use. Neither in this case can we call it selfishness

Be clear, not always «ME first» is synonymous with selfishness: it is essential that you take care of yourself, that you respect yourself, that you value yourself: your children need parents with healthy self-esteem, parents who also know how to set limits and not only pamper them and spoil them. A «me first» from time to time is beneficial for the whole family life, think about it.


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